Constitution and By-Laws

Lamesa Baptist Association Constitution




This body shall be called the Lamesa Baptist Association.




The object of the Association shall be to promote harmony and cooperation among the churches, to provide opportunity for fellowship among the churches and to provide means for assisting the churches in their various needs in outreach, education, missionary and benevolent ministries.




This Association shall be composed of orderly Southern Baptist Churches situated in or near Dawson County, Texas who voluntarily affiliate themselves with the Southern Baptist Convention and the Baptist General Convention of Texas and/or Southern Baptist of Texas Convention.




Section 1          The Association shall be composed of messengers duly elected by the cooperating church. There shall be three messengers from each church and one additional messenger for each twenty-five resident members or fraction thereof above the first twenty-five, provided that no church shall have more than twelve messengers. All messengers shall hold membership in the church electing them.


Section 2          All pastors of cooperating churches shall, by virtue of their office, be automatically recognized as messengers to the Association and shall be counted in the total number of messengers that may be allowed by any church.


Section 3          Should a church affiliated with this Association be deemed out of harmony with its purpose, it may be dropped from membership by a majority vote. A church that has been dropped, if it desires membership again, would be required to seek admission as any other new church.


Section 4          The Association shall not be required against its will to seat any person as a messenger whom the body shall deem entitled to seat or whose views or conduct are known to be seriously damaging to the peace and purpose of the body.




Section 1          The Officers of the Association shall be Moderator, Vice-Moderator, Clerk, Treasurer and such others as are deemed necessary by the Association. A Nominating Committee shall be appointed by the Moderator at least sixty days prior to the Annual Meeting and this committee shall present its recommendations at the Annual Association Meeting. Prior tentative approval by the Executive Board shall be permitted if desired.



Section 2          All Officers of the Association are to be elected during the closing session of the Annual Meeting by the messengers from the churches and in accordance with the accepted rules of parliamentary procedure.



Section 3          All Officers will hold their respective offices from the close of the Annual Meeting in which they were elected until the close of the next Annual Meeting, excepting the Clerk, who will hold office until the Associational Minutes are in the hands of the printer and then will be succeeded by the Clerk-elect.




Section 1          Membership:

1)            Officers, Directors and Committee Chairmen of the Association.                                        

2)            Pastors of cooperating churches.

3)            Two adult members from each cooperating church plus one teenager properly elected                thereby.

4)            Director of Missions.

5)            Pastors of church-type missions sponsored by Associational churches.


              Section 2           Duties:

It shall be the duty of the Executive Board, upon full authority of the Association, to transact all business of the body at interim, and a report of its proceedings shall be made to the Association at its next Annual Meeting. The Executive Board shall meet regularly and will be subject to called meetings by the Moderator or Vice-Moderator, but shall not meet on the day of the Annual Meeting.


              Section 3           Officers:

The Officers of the Executive Board shall be the same officers as the Association.

Section 4          Quorum:

Ten board members shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business by the board.




Section 1          The Committees necessary to do work of the Association will be elected by the Board subject to the approval of the Association. Each committee shall abide by the specified budget allotted it and should any emergency arise demanding additional funds, that committee shall present a written request to the Finance Committee, which shall make final disposal of such requests. No committee shall, at any time, solicit funds from the churches for any reason; unless duly authorized by the Executive Board.


Section 2          The Moderator shall appoint the following committees to function for the Annual Meeting of the Association, Committee on Place and Preacher, Committee on Resolutions, Memorial Committee and a Committee on Credentials.




The Association shall meet annually at such time and place as may be selected by the body. In case the Association shall not fix the time and place for the meeting or should necessity arise demanding a change, the Executive Board shall have the power to act.




The application of any church seeking membership in the Association shall be referred to a special Credentials Committee (appointed by the Moderator). The Credentials Committee will have the task of examining the covenant and articles of faith in the church seeking membership, and will make its report and recommendations to the Annual Associational Meeting. The church seeking membership may be invited (by vote of the Executive Board) to attend all meetings of the Executive Board. However, the church will be a non-voting church until it has been accepted by the Association at its Annual Meeting.




This Association, cheerfully believing in the Doctrine of Church Independence, shall never have or assume to possess the least ecclesiastical power over the churches of its membership. The Association shall avoid any interferences with the internal affairs of the local bodies, but shall seek council and cooperation to carry out the object of the Association,




Any amendment to the Constitution shall be submitted in writing at a previous Executive Board Meeting and then presented at the first session of the Annual Meeting of the Association, and then lie over to a subsequent session of the same Annual Meeting and must be passed by two-thirds majority vote of the messengers present and voting.




The members of the Area Committee from the Association shall consist of those provided for in the Constitution and By-Laws of the Big Spring-Lamesa Baptist Area.



Committees and duties of the officers of the association shall be governed by the By-Laws.





            The Lamesa Baptist Association Missions Committee exists to encourage and facilitate the cooperation of the churches of our association in fulfilling the Great Commission in our city and county, our state, our nation,  and the world. The Missions Committee will promote and cooperate with local missions, local partnerships, State Conventions, and North American and International Mission Boards.



            1. Organize, promote and supervise all Associational Evangelism including simultaneous revivals, youth-led revivals, rallies and crusades.

            2. Offer and promote Evangelism Training as needed in the Association.

            3. Encourage churches to be involved in evangelistic efforts in their local communities.

            4. Plan and assist in implementing special evangelism programs as projected by Texas Baptist Conventions and the North American Mission Board.



            1. The finance committee shall be comprised of the moderator, vice-moderator, clerk and treasurer.

            2. The finance committee shall secure an official review of finances every other year or when there is a change of treasurer.

            3. Over expenditures shall be approved by the treasurer and moderator as long as the budget is not exceeded.

            4. All checks must be signed by at least two (2) members of the finance committee.

            5. The treasurer shall submit a proposed budget to the annual meeting for approval as submitted by the budget committee.



            The budget committee shall consist of the Moderator, Vice-Moderator, Secretary/Clerk, Treasurer, WMU  Director, Disaster Relief, Coordinators of:  New Work, Missions, Evangelism Committee and one representative from the Youth Coordinators. This group will design the budget for the next fiscal year during the third quarter of the year.



            1. Projects are the responsibility of Disaster Relief coordinators.

            2. Activities include individual training and participation in disaster relief projects.



            River Ministry events are planned by the River Ministry Coordinators.




Officers on the executive board have voting rights as described in the constitution.


Section 1: MODERATOR

            1. The moderator shall be a duly elected church representative to the Executive Board.

            2. The moderator shall preside over the Associational Executive Board and the Annual Associational Meeting and the Executive Committee if there is one.

            3. The moderator shall preside over all associational meetings.

            4. The moderator shall be an ex-officio member of all associational committees with the power to vote.

            5. Shall promote the Association in the various churches and encourage each to cooperate in the endeavors of the Association.

            6. All committees shall be selected by the Nominating Committee and approved by the Executive Board or during the Annual Meeting.

            7. The moderator shall appoint at least 90 days before the Annual Meeting a Nominating Committee who will seek to fill all Associational positions to be voted on during the Annual Meeting.                                      

            8. The moderator shall ensure that all executive board members clearly understand their roll and obligation in the association.

            9. The moderator shall ensure that the Vice-Moderator is notified when he shall preside over any meeting.






            1. The vice-moderator shall be a duly elected church representative to the executive board.

            2. The vice-moderator shall in the absence of the moderator fill that position and all requirements established for that position.

            3. The vice-moderator shall assist the moderator in carrying out the office of moderator.

            4. The vice-moderator shall share the responsibility with the Moderator in serving as an ex- officio member of all committees with the power to vote.


Section 3: TREASURER

            1. The treasurer shall receive all funds and record them accordingly.

            2. The treasurer shall disperse funds of the association in accordance with the associational budget.

            3. The treasurer shall keep detailed accounts of all funds received and dispersed.

            4. The treasurer shall report to the executive board a detailed account of all funds received and disperse.

            5. The treasurer shall be responsible to the finance committee.

            6. The treasurer shall be duly elected by the association.


Section 4: CLERK

            1. The clerk shall be responsible for assembling the annual reports from churches in the association.

            2. The clerk shall be responsible for the printing of the annual associational minutes.

            3. The clerk shall be duly elected by the association.


Section 5: SECRETARY

            1. The secretary shall record business transacted by the executive board.

            2. The secretary shall publicize events and meetings of the association.

            3. The secretary shall be duly elected by the association.





            1. The executive board shall meet bi-monthly with an evening meal being provided by the host church.

            2. Members of the executive board are set forth in the constitution under Article VI, Section 1.

            3. The associational calendar shall begin October 1st in the current year and end with September 30th for the next year.

            4. The associational budget shall be presented to the executive board prior to the annual meeting.



            1. The Lamesa Baptist Association shall plan meetings of the collective body of churches for the purpose of worship, instruction, inspiration and fellowship.

            2. Special events may be planned for music or evangelism or other themes.




            The by- laws may be amended at any regular executive board meeting providing all board members have been notified of the proposed changes prior to the meeting.