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Annual Minutes 2013


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Minutes of the 90th Annual Meeting

Lamesa Baptist Association

First Baptist Church, Ackerly

Sunday, October 20, 2013


The first session began at four thirty with the congregation singing “Victory in Jesus” under the direction of Jim Rush with JoAnne Longo at the piano. This was followed by a welcome by the host pastor Dr. Stan Blevins.  Keith Carter read scripture from Hebrews 4:12-16 and then led in prayer.


Forty-four messengers and eighteen visitors were recognized and seated by Ann Debnam.


Moderator Dennis Adams welcomed new church staff members who have joined our association since the last annual meeting. They are: Interim Pastor at First, Lamesa, Donovan Martin; Pastor at Second, Tim White and wife Laura; Youth Director at Crestview, Frank Enns; Children’s Ministry at Crestview, Sheila Sullenbarger; and Music Director at Primera Baptist, Delbert Rodriquez.


Vice Moderator Garland Stueart called for an approval of the minutes of last year’s annual meeting printed on pages 3 and 4 in the book of reports. The motion made by Charles Empey to accept the minutes as printed passed after a second by Jody O’Briant.


Ann Debnam presented the Digest of Letters from the annual church profiles of our eleven churches on page 5 in the book of reports and the proposed 2013-14 calendar of activities printed on pages 6 in the book of reports.


Connie Sanders presented the treasurer’s financial report and church income reports for 2012-13 printed on pages 7 and 8 in the book of reports.


Garland Stueart presented the 2013-14 recommended $22,850.00 budget printed on page 6 in the book of reports.  This comes from a committee and was presented in the July and September board meetings. There were no questions and the budget was approved as printed.


Jim Rush led the congregation in singing “Glorify Thy Name”.


Circle Six Ranch Baptist Camp manager Brian Colbath gave the camp report. The printed report and calendar of camp activities are on pages 9 and 10 in the book of reports.  The past two years have seen a growth in attendance of over 52%.  One terrific thing that happened this past summer was a youth camp with 149 in attendance which saw 32 saved and one of those was a sponsor. Tomorrow night, for the first time in ten years, a long range planning committee will meet. Enough money has been raised for the new manager’s house but with the oil boom, building projects will be slow. Money is being raised to replace the ropes course which needs to be replaced every 15-20 years depending on the weather conditions. The Fall Adult Rally will be October 28th with an auction, lunch and program by Nathan Woodward, a saxophone player, who is a world renowned performer.


Carolyn Hogg gave the River Ministry Report. The report and financial report are printed on pages 11 and 12 in the book of reports. Like the song we just sang, we want everything we do or say to glorify God’s name. It is the time of year to take shoe boxes for Christmas. Last year we took 270 and this year’s goal is 300. There is a list of items needed for the December trip and sample gift boxes on our display table. The ceiling at the Fabens dorm has not been completely repaired yet. Trailers of clothing and household items are taken between the Christmas and summer VBS trips. Prayers are essential. Thank you for your prayer and financial support.


Guest speakers Joan Wilson and Elfi Register gave the Crossing Borders Ministries report. The ministry is out of the First Baptist Church in Fabens. They started 12 years ago and have built around a network of 20 pastors out of Mexico caring for 400 families each week. They ship out 1,000 pounds each of beans, rice and corn meal every Tuesday along with groceries for the pastor’s personal families. Last Christmas 2,100 shoe boxes were distributed to 40 locations through the different pastors. They distributed 1800 school supply kits in 45 locations. This past month they were given 30 cases of eggs (450 dozen eggs). The price of eggs has tripled in Mexico and eggs are in short supply. Thank you for your support and increase in your budget support. Their July newsletter is printed on page 13 and 14 in the book of reports. Their latest newsletter and other items are on our display table.


Lyn Vogler gave the Disaster Relief report. The written report is on page 15 in the book of reports. Two showers have been replaced and curtains replaced with doors. There is over $11,000 in the disaster relief budget. Last year 5 of the 7 trips were mission related traveling 5,560 miles and providing 1,643 showers and 583 laundries. Every 3 years yellow cap volunteers need to be recertified. In the February orientation 4 of the 18 people receiving certification were new volunteers. In the August training 17 were new trainees. Garland Stueart and Lyn are now qualified to provide yellow cap training. Starting at age 16, youth may be trained to do some of the work. At 18 a person is trained as an adult.  November 7th and 8th a 16 hour course will be offered at Floydada for a new program training chaplains for counseling with victims of disaster.


The Moderator’s report was given by Dennis Adams. The written report is on page 16 in the book of reports. The pastors meet together on Tuesday mornings and there is a close relationship between pastors in our association. God’s word tells us to uphold each other.


The reports were accepted as given after a motion by Jim Rush and a second by Corny Dyck.


Randy Hardman presented the Resolutions.

Be It Therefore Resolved:

·         That we express our continual Love, Service and Devotion to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ; that He may reign supreme in our lives, Church and Association.

·         That we express our sincere appreciation to the First Baptist Church in Ackerly, Texas for hosting the Ninetieth Annual Meeting on October 20, 2013.

·         That we express our appreciation to First Baptist Church for their hospitality and for providing a wonderful meal on October 20, 2013.

·         That we express our sincere thanks to those who served in all positions of Associational Leadership for this past year.

·         Be it Finally Resolved: That we covenant together as fellow members of the Lamesa Baptist Association to intercede in prayer and to support in ministry those who will be serving in various positions of Associational Leadership during the coming Associational Year.


Bill Mayfield presented the Time Place and Preacher Committee report that the annual meeting should be October 19, 2014 and should be held at Second Baptist Church of Lamesa with Tim White preaching the annual sermon.


Travis Debnam presented the nominating committee report. The new officers are listed on page 44 in the book of reports. Charles Empey has been serving at Evangelism Coordinator since April. David Bolton is our new youth director and Dennis Adams will take Garland Stueart’s place on the Circle Six Finance and Endowment committee as Garland becomes the president of the camp executive board. The recommendations from the committee passed.


Garland Stueart called for Miscellaneous Business and there was none.  Garland recognized special guest: Brian Colbath, manager of Circle Six Ranch Baptist Camp; Joan Wilson and Elfi Register from Crossing Borders Ministry; Terry Coy from SBTC; Paul Atkinson from BGCT; and both Dr. Stan Blevins and Donovan Martin from Wayland Baptist University.


Jim Rush led the congregation in singing “His Name is Wonderful”.


Dennis Adams gave a tribute to Clifton Igo and read the 23rd Psalm before presenting the names on the memorial page 19.


Joan Wilson and Elfi Register sang a duet, “Beautiful Savior”. Tim White closed the first session of the annual meeting with prayer and a blessing for the meal at 5:45pm.




AT 6:40pm, Keith Longo led the congregation in singing “He Keeps Me Singing” which he followed by singing “His Life for Mine”.


Charles Empey read Philippians 2:1- 2 and led in prayer. This was followed by Keith Longo leading the congregation in singing “Blessed Assurance”.


Donovan Martin led in the offertory prayer. The offering tonight goes to the Crossing Borders Ministry.


Jody O’Briant sang “By His Wounds”.  This was followed by Randy Hardman scripture reading and admonishing the Great Commission.


Allyson Wall sang “Revelation Songaccompanied by her husband Dustin Wall on his guitar.


Supply pastor of First Baptist Church Ackerly, Dr. Stan Blevins, preached the annual sermon.

            While Dr. Blevins and his wife Betty were a student summer mission couple for 3 months in San Francisco. They discovered many Baptist moved to California to quit going to church. People had lived by their neighbors for 10-15 years and didn’t even know their names. Dr. Blevins thought this will never happen in Texas, but it has. Sociologist tell us the US has lost its sense of community.  The last time the USA was united was when they put a man on the moon. We are now a nation divided. What Isaiah said in Isaiah 53:6 “we are like sheep going astray, each to his own way” can be seen in our tendency to omit God from our lives. The invention of the electric garage opener was when our sense of community passed away as we shut ourselves up in our own houses. We are living a cold civil war fighting against each other and looking out for number one. Each one is going our own way and not sharing Christ or our faith. We are the largest English speaking mission field in the world. Families are fragmented, homes are broken, and parents are preoccupied with themselves. People are lonely and crying out to feel needed and know a purpose that really makes a difference.

            Right after Christ’s crucifixion the disciples went their own way in a manner of speaking. In Acts, they were energized and unified and committed to their cause and they went out to change their world. They changed their world by building community, a spiritual community, called the church. You and I have the living proof of a living Christ. The Christian community of the church is the proof of a living Christ in the hearts of all the believers across all the ages. We are the living proof of the risen savior who lives in the hearts of believers. We are the community of Jesus Christ. That means we love and care for one another and forgive and pray for one another. We give together and labor together and worship together all because of Jesus Christ in our hearts, lives and fellowship. The people of this country who have turned to their own way need the community that is the church. The truest sign of a risen Christ is not a rolled away stone, but a carried away church. We need to leave this place committed to enlarging our community.


Closing prayer was led by Dr. Stan Blevins at 7:25pm

Minutes by Ann Debnam, clerk                      

There were 44 messengers and at least 29 guests present at this 90th meeting of the Lamesa Baptist Association.