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Annual Minutes 2014


P.O. Box 1373, Lamesa, Texas 79331,


Minutes of the 91st Annual Meeting
Lamesa Baptist Association
Second Baptist Church
Sunday, October 29, 2014


The first session began at four o’clock with the congregation singing Blessed Be The Name under the direction of Jim Rush with Arla Jeffcoat at the piano. This was followed by a welcome by the host pastor Tim White.  Dee Woolam read scripture from Jeremiah 33:1-3 and then led in prayer.


Thirty messengers and seventeen visitors were recognized and seated and the Lamesa Baptist Association 91st annual meeting was declared in session by Ann Debnam.


Moderator Dennis Adams welcomed new church staff members who have joined our association since the last annual meeting. They are: Two new staff members at First Baptist Church; Jim Medley senior pastor and Josh Burgett associate pastor of music and youth. Dee Woolam is new again as he returns a second time to pastor Northside Baptist Church.


Vice Moderator Garland Stueart called for an approval of the minutes of last year’s annual meeting printed on pages 6-8 in the book of reports. The motion was made by Charles Empey to accept the minutes as printed. Motion passed after a second by Mal Fenley.


Ann Debnam presented the Digest of Letters from the annual church profiles of our ten churches on page 9 in the book of reports and the proposed 2014-15 calendar of activities printed on page 3 in the book of reports. Baptisms, mission participation and mission giving are up from last year’s report.


Garland Stueart presented the treasurer’s financial report and church income reports for 2013-14 printed on pages 10 and 11 in the book of reports. Ben Phipps made a motion to approve the report as printed. The motion passed after a second by Charles Empey.


Garland Stueart presented the 2014-15 recommended $22,850.00 budget printed on page 12 in the book of reports.  Item #403, Apartment Mission Ministry in Midland, was dropped because the person in charge moved to Arizona. The budget recommendation comes from a committee and was presented in the July and September board meetings. With no questions, the budget was approved as printed.


Jim Rush led the congregation in singing Take The Name of Jesus With You.


Circle Six Ranch Baptist Camp manager Brian Colbath gave the camp report. The printed report and calendar of camp activities are on pages 13 and 14 in the book of reports. Thank you for your support and including the camp in your budget. 4,411 guests have come through the camp this past year with 70 salvations, 89 re-dedications and 10 called to ministry. This year saw the 7,000th recorded salvation since the camp began in Big Spring. The new manager’s house was completed. Fourteen buildings that were probably built in 1959 were torn down because of structural and plumbing problems. A new ropes course was built. The gym was heat and air-conditioned and can be used as a worship center and gym. It is projected that by 2017 there will be 300,000 people living in the Midland-Odessa area so we are trying to revamp our facility to minister to as many people as possible. The camp has over half a million dollars in improvements all done debt free.


Garland Stueart spoke about the five year plan for Circle Six. Three dorms are planned with the cost of $215,000.  Each dorm will house 40-60 and have a central meeting room that may be used without the dorm rooms. All dorms will have handicap facilities. No building will be done until the money is available.  

Carolyn Hogg gave the River Ministry Report. The report and financial report are printed on pages 15 and 16 in the book of reports. Thank you for your support of prayers, VBS supplies, health kits, shoe box gifts and all other items. You are invited to go on any of the several trips to the river ministry in Fabens and El Paso. Last year the goal was 300 shoe boxes but God blessed and there were 434 shoe boxes taken. Last December they took seven pastor boxes of food and turkeys, 1,000 pounds of beans and many boxes of coats, sweaters, blankets and staple foods. They took 150 fruit/candy bags that were divided between two children’s homes. The ceiling and walls of the dormitory have been repaired so the ceiling won’t fall in while you sleep. In July two VBS were conducted on the Texas side and supplies and health kits were provided for four VBS across the border. 24 workers went for the July VBSs. Lila Stueart coordinates the cooking for the trip. Total VBS attendance for the 2 schools on Friday was 80 not counting workers and there were 4 decisions of salvation.


Joan Wilson and Elfi Register gave the Crossing Borders Ministries report. Crossing Border’s 2 most recent newsletters are found on pages 17-20 of the book of reports. The 1st newsletter mentions the contributions of the late John Shurgart who pastored in the Lamesa association briefly. Crossing Borders helps 400 families in 30 communities every week, send out 19,000 family packs of beans and rice, send 1000 grocery sacks filled with basic needs to pastors, distributed 2500 shoe box gifts and supplied over 1900 children with school supply kits. Last Christmas after one of the shoe box parties, they took left over box presents to a nearby family who would not have had anything otherwise. The father was so overwhelmed with appreciation; he admitted that he had planned to end his life that night because he had nothing for his family, until the Crossing Border shoe box ministry came to his home. Now the whole family started coming to church and came to the Lord.


Lyn Vogler gave the Disaster Relief report. The written report is on page 21 in the book of reports. Our shower/laundry trailer made four mission trips this year. We were not called out for any disasters. Our trailer was in Arlington for three weeks where high school and college students from several states come to do mission work projects in the area. Only a few minor repairs were needed this year to the trailer and the disaster/river ministry pickup used to pull the ministry trailers is in good shape. There was a blue cap training this year.

Josúe Valerio brought greetings from the BGCT. Mr. Valerio is Missions Team Director for Texas Baptist. Every year 100 new funded churches are started in Texas and this year 158 non-funded non-traditional churches were started. 33,137 Texans were baptized in 2013. BSM had 184 full and part-time missionaries on 116 campuses. You gave $948,023 to World Hunger that provides not only food but also helps winterize homes for refugee camps. TX Baptist provided Christian-based education to 26,449 students in 11 BGCT related educational institutions. Texas Baptist provided hope to 11,620 persons through shelter ministries and four child and family homes. We provided three million dollars in scholarships for undergraduates and seminary students preparing for the ministry. Texas Baptist trained people in trade and farming to end the cycle of poverty and hunger.

T. C. Melton gave a SBTC report. In the SBTC cooperative program budget, 45% stays in Texas for missions in our state. 55% of the budget goes to the SBC which helps pay the salaries for 5,000 home missionaries and 5,000 foreign missionaries, and helps with the tuition of about 15,000 seminary students. Forty Percent of the Southern Baptist of Texas money goes to missions and evangelism. The population of the world is six or seven billion people so mission needs are outgrowing us. Never has there been a need for strong evangelistic churches like there are today. Wars cannot be won with bullets but only with the message of Jesus Christ. When you search for pastors for your churches, pray for a person who can understand West Texas. West Texas is changing. Churches are gaining new members but the new members are not giving their money to their churches. Our convention exists to minister to the churches. The written report is on pages 22-25 in the book of reports.

The Moderator’s report was given by Dennis Adams. The written report is on page 26 in the book of reports. The association used $1500 to help a lady buy a home. Other organizations in the community helped fix up the house. Dennis honored Travis and Ann Debnam for years of work with a tangible gift for them to take a “date night”.

The resolutions printed on page 27 in the book of reports were presented by Tim White.

Be It Therefore Resolved:

  • That we express our continual Love, Service and Devotion to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ; that He may reign supreme in our lives, Churches and Association.

  • That we express our sincere appreciation to the Second Baptist Church for hosting the Ninety First Annual Meeting on October 19, 2014.

  • That we express our appreciation to Second Baptist Church for their hospitality and for providing a wonderful meal on October 19, 2014..

  • That we express our sincere thanks to those who served in all positions of Associational Leadership for this past year.

  • Be it Finally Resolved: That we covenant together as fellow members of the Lamesa Baptist Association to intercede in prayer and to support in ministry those who will be serving in various positions of Associational Leadership during the coming Associational Year.

The resolutions from the committee passed.
Charles Empey presented the Time Place and Preacher Committee report that the annual meeting should be held the third Sunday of October 2015 meeting with the Friendship Baptist Church and that their pastor should deliver the annual sermon. The committee recommendation passed.
Travis Debnam presented the nominating committee report that we keep the same officers that have been serving with the exception of not having a youth director at this time. The Circle Six Executive board members that were rotating off of the camp board agreed to serve another four years. Lists of these names are found on page 2 of the book of reports. The recommendations from the committee passed.
Jim Rush led the congregation in I Will Sing of my Redeemer.
Dennis Adams led the memorial service remembering those who have gone on before us. A list of names is found on page 29 in the book of reports.
Joan Wilson and Elfi Register from Crossing Borders closed the service by singing Lord I Need You. Elfi led in prayer.
AT 6:35pm, Tony Bushong led the congregation in singing Victory in Jesus which he followed by singing The Anchor Holds.
Charles Empey read Luke 9:18-27 and led in prayer. This was followed by Tony Bushong leading the congregation in singing Blessed Assurance.
Dr. Stan Blevins led in the offertory prayer.  He mentioned that there were more saved at our camp this past year than in all of our churches combined. The offering tonight goes to the building fund at Circle Six Ranch Baptist Camp.
Tony Bushong sang I Cried Glory. Then Jim Medley read Colossians 3:12-17.  He was followed by Bethanie Bolton singing I Am A Promise.
Tim White, pastor of Second Baptist Church brought the evening message from Philippians 2:12-16. He asked the question, “Is Associational Work Dying? If so, Why?” The points he covered were:
I. Unfocused Character
II. Unfinished Compliance
III. Unrecognized Contribution
IV. Unsanctified Conduct
V. Untaught Certainties
Closing prayer was led by Dennis Adams at 7:26pm
Minutes by Ann Debnam, clerk                      
There were 37 messengers and at least 36 guests present at this 91st meeting of the Lamesa Baptist Association.