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Annual Minutes 2017


Minutes of the 94th Annual Meeting

Lamesa Baptist Association

First Baptist Church, Lamesa

Sunday, October 15, 2017

The first session began at four o’clock with Vice-Moderator Garland Stueart presiding.

The program began with the congregation singing This is the Day under the direction of Jim Rush with Donna Walker at the piano and Brenda Vogler at the organ.

Host pastor, Jim Medley extended a welcome to everyone at this 94th annual meeting of the Lamesa Baptist Association and led in prayer.

Wayne Smith read a scripture from Matthew 28:19,20 and Acts 1:8 and then led in prayer.

Ann Debnam recognized 34 messengers and 13 visitors.

Dr. Stan Blevins presented the resolutions printed on page 3 in the book of reports. The resolutions from the committee passed.

Dennis Adams welcomed the pastor of Second Baptist Church, Tobey Clements and his wife Jennifer, as new staff members to the Lamesa Baptist Association.

Minutes of the 93rd annual meeting printed on pages 4-6 in the book of reports had been approved at the November 2016 Executive Board meeting.

Ann Debnam presented the Digest of Letters on page 7 of the book of reports.

Garland Stueart referred to the treasurer’s report on pages 8-9 in the book of reports. Travis Debnam made a motion to adopt the report. Motion passed after a second by Corny Dyck.

Tobey Clements made a motion to accept the proposed budget printed on page 10 in the book of reports. The motion by Tobey Clements passed after a second by Dee Woolam.

Jim rush led the congregation in singing Praise Him, Praise Him.

Brian Colbath, Executive Director of Circle Six Ranch Baptist Camp and Conference Center gave the camp’s report. Attendance this past year reached over 5000 for the third year in a row. 114 salvations were recorded with one feeling called into the ministry. Attendance at youth camp and girl’s camp has increased. 300 youth attended the third annual “saw you at the poles”. 108 women attended the first annual October Women’s Conference. The first new cabin since the 1960’s is nearly completed. Several buildings have been remodeled and 25 new trees have been planted. A 15,000-sq.-ft. recreation complex is planned as soon as the money can be raised, (about $18,000).

Evie Dyck gave the river ministry report. 600 shoe boxes along with blankets, coats, and staple food were delivered last Christmas. Last summer, 25 helped in two simultaneous VBS locations. Some youth went the extra mile taking VBS to the city park. Printed reports are on pages 13,14 in the book of reports.

Joan Wilson and Elfi Register gave the Crossing Borders Ministries report. The latest newsletter is printed on pages 15,16 in the book of reports. Whole Bibles in Spanish are needed. Thanks for your prayers and support, partnering with Crossing Borders.

Lyn Vogler gave the Disaster Relief report. The printed report is on page 17 in the book of reports. Five youth mission trips took place from Sept-Aug.  We have partnered with Mission Arlington for ten years where thousands of kids come during spring break and during the summer to do missions. In September after hurricane Harvey, the trailer went to Liberty near Houston to a Red Cross Shelter until that shelter closed then it went to St. Thomas Catholic Church Red Cross Shelter near Houston. More volunteers are needed that can take the yellow cap training and deploy to work with the shower/laundry trailer.

Dennis Adams’ moderator report is printed on page 18 of the book of reports. It is a privilege to keep getting to support God’s great work and every ministry we support is growing.

Dee Woolam gave the Time-Place-Preacher Committee Report. The annual meeting in 2018 will be October 21st at First Baptist Church of Ackerly with pastor, Dr. Stan Blevins, bringing the annual message. The motion carried.

Lyn Vogler gave the Nominating Committee report on page 28 in the book of reports. The officers and representatives to Circle Six Camp were approved.

Motion by Garland Stueart to accept all reports as they were given, passed.

Jim Rush led the congregation in singing Serve the Lord with Gladness.

Dennis Adams led in the Memorial Service honoring 32 saints from our 10 churches who have gone ahead of us to heaven.

Tobey and Jennifer Clements sang The Language of Jesus is Love.

Special guest recognized by Garland Stueart were:  Lee Floyd from Texas Baptist, T. C. Melton from SBTC who had to leave early, Brian Colbath from Circle Six Ranch Baptist Camp, Elfi Register and Joan Wilson from Crossing Borders.

Two couples were recognized for over 35 years in ministry; Travis and Ann Debnam at Circle Six Ranch Baptist Camp and E. L. and Carolyn Hogg with the River Ministry.

Announcement: Oct. 29th is 5th Sunday Singing at Friendship (open house 4pm) program at 5:00pm.

Closing prayer was led by Tobey Clements at 5:10pm.


5:30pm meal by First Baptist Church


Larry Walker began the second session at 6:30 with the congregation singing Praise the Lord. Moderator Dennis Adams presiding.

Special music was rendered by Alice Sanderson from Ackerly singing Behold the Man Upon the Throne.

Frank Enns read Ephesians 2:8-10, and led in prayer.

Larry Walker led the congregation in singing Blessed Assurance.

The offertory prayer was led by Travis Debnam.

Tony Bushong sang, Thank You Lord.

Stephen Gary read Matthew 28:18, gave a testimony and led in prayer.

Larry Walker sang an arrangement of Then Sings my Soul and How Great Thou Art with his wife Dona Walker at the piano.

The annual message was brought by Jim Medley. His scripture reference was Galatians 1:6-12. We as Baptist have lost that “Old Time Religion”. When we enter the house of God we need to feel closer to Him. We need three elements for true religion.

  1. Religion of the Book: The Bible is the infallible, without error, inspired word of God. If we would study God’s word and do it, it would change the world.

  2. Religion of the Blood: Jim sang, Nothing but the Blood. The blood of Jesus cleanses us from unrighteousness. We can’t change our sinful nature, only Jesus can change us.

  3. Religion of the Blessed Hope: It ain’t over yet. God isn’t finished. When Jesus comes back every knee shall bow.  Where is our excitement? Where’s the expectancy? One day when Jesus returns, the headlines will read JESUS CHRIST IS ALIVE!

Closing Prayer was led by Dennis Adams at 7:25.

Minutes by Ann Debnam, clerk

There were 34 messengers and 26 visitors present at this 94th annual meeting of the Lamesa Association.