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Annual Minutes 2018


Minutes of the 95th Annual Meeting

Lamesa Baptist Association

First Baptist Church, Ackerly

Sunday, October 21, 2018

            The first session began at 4:02pm with Jim Rush leading the congregation in singing This is the Day with Jennifer Clements at the piano.

            Host pastor, Dr. Stan Blevins extended a welcome to everyone at this 95th annual meeting of the Lamesa Baptist Association and led in prayer.

            Lenny Morrow read from Revelation 22: 16-17.

            Ann Debnam recognized 46 messengers and 18 visitors. Motion and second carried to seat the messengers who had been recognized.

            Bro. Tobey Clements presented the resolutions printed on page 3 in the book of reports. The resolutions from the committee carried.

            Moderator Bro. Dennis Adams welcomed the pastor of Crestview Baptist Church, Chuck Stewart and his wife Anita, as new staff members to the Lamesa Baptist Association.

            Minutes of the 94th annual meeting were printed on pages 4-6 in the book of reports.

            Ann Debnam presented the Digest of Letters on page 7 of the book of reports and the Calendar of Activities on page 6. Motion by Tommy Sanders, second by Tommy Carpenter to accept the reports carried.

            Connie Sanders presented the budget reports on pages 8-9 in the book of reports.

            Garland Stueart presented the proposed budget on page 10 of the book of reports. Coming from a committee it needed no second. Carried.

            Jim Rush led the congregation in singing Victory in Jesus.

            Dustin Wright, Program Director of Circle Six Ranch Baptist Camp and Conference Center, gave the camp’s report printed on pages11-12 in the book of reports. Dustin read from Mark 16:15. Three new camps were added to the summer camp program. Reports registered 116 salvations. Attendance last year was 5,495. Trees have been planted and the auditorium has been remodeled. COM volunteers have remodeled the bath rooms for the dining hall. The support from the Lamesa Association is very appreciated.

            Evie Dyck gave the river ministry report. There were several trips to Fabens last year. 640 Christmas Shoe Box gifts were delivered, and 150 bags of candy for children’s homes. Six pastors along the border were helped.  VBS supplies are used for the 2 VBS on the TX side of the border and supplies taken for VBS across the border. There were 6 salvations. E.L. and Carolyn Hogg and Garland and Lila Stueart were not able to go last summer but their help through the years has been invaluable. Twelve from Lamesa went on the summer trip. The printed reports are on pages 13-14 of the book of reports. Your continued prayers are needed and appreciated. God keeps sending miracles in the river ministry work.

            Joan Wilson and Elfi Register gave the Crossing Borders Ministries report. The latest newsletter is printed on pages 15-16 in the book of reports. 2800 Christmas Shoe Boxes were distributed last year. Pastors from across the border come to the distribution center every Tuesday from 9-12am for help. Food, bibles, medical supplies, school supplies, coats and blankets are continually distributed to needy families in as many as 26 communities.

            Lyn Vogler gave the Disaster Relief report. The printed report is on page 17 in the book of reports. The shower trailer made 4 trips this year, all were youth mission related, no trips were for disasters. In March the trailer was in Arlington where youth from TX and neighboring states gathered to work on houses and yards in the Metroplex. In Comanche about 300 youth from central and west Texas worked for 6 days on 12 houses. In Gallup, NM, World Changer workers used our trailer for two weeks doing construction work in the community. Four men re-certified in Blue Cap training.

            Dennis Adams moderator’s report is printed on page 18 of the book of reports.

            Motion and second to receive the reports carried.


             The Time-Place-Preacher Committee announced that the annual meeting in 2019 will be October 20th at Crestview Baptist Church with pastor Chuck Stewart bringing the annual message. The motion carried.

            Lyn Vogler gave the Nominating Committee report which is on page 19 in the book of reports. All officers remain the same except for E. L. and Carolyn Hogg who are retiring from the committee. They have served in the River Ministry for 36 years and for this service we give them our grateful appreciation. Corny and Evie Dyck will be taking the roll of River Ministry Coordinators. Our six representatives on the Circle Six Camp Board remain the same and are listed on page 29 in the book of reports.

            Motion by Garland Stueart to accept all reports as they were given carried.

            Jim Rush led the congregation in singing I’ve Got Peace Like A River.

            Dennis Adams led in the Memorial Service honoring 37 saints from our 10 churches who have gone ahead of us to heaven. Bro. Dennis read from I Corinthians 15:50-58.

            Special music Not for a Moment was sung by Jennifer Kellum

            Special guest recognized by Garland Stueart were: Paul Anderson from SBTC, Lorenzo Pena from BGCT, Dustin and Linzie Wright from Circle Six Ranch Baptist Camp, Elfi Register and Joan Wilson from Crossing Borders and Jason and Monica Hull from Wildflower Ministries.

            Closing prayer and meal blessing was led by Chuck Stewart at 4:45pm.


5:30pm meal by First Baptist Church, Ackerly


            Bob Bilbo began the second session at 6:15pm with the congregation singing How Great Thou Art with Alice Sanderson at the piano. Moderator Dennis Adams presiding.

            Special music Jesus Hold My Hand was sung by brothers Stephen, Mark and David Gary.

            Chuck Stewart read John 21:15-17 and led in prayer.

            Bob Bilbo led the congregation in singing All Hail the Power.

            The offertory prayer was led by Travis Debnam. The offering will go to the LBA general fund.

            Special music Master of the Sea was sung by Tobey and Jennifer Clements.

            Jim Medley read Philippians 4:4-8.

            Special music Untitled Hymn was sung by Alice Sanderson.

            The annual sermon was brought by Dr. Stan Blevins. His scripture text was Matthew 11:28 that all need to come to Jesus. The theme is the same through out the Bible as in John 1:38, 4:30, 6:37, 7:37, Jesus invites us all to come. We are Christ’s followers who are to invite others to Jesus. His love transcends all the ages as in Romans 10:9, come and you will be saved. Bro. Blevins told a story of Navy Seals trying to set tortured prisoners free. The Seals announced that they were Americans come to save the prisoners. The prisoners did not respond. Finally, one solder laid down his gun and sat between two prisoners with his arms around them, sitting there for a while. Then he repeated the message of we are Americans come to save you. Then the prisoners got up and followed the Seals to freedom. Christ did the same for us. He came along side us, suffered for us and invited us to come with him to freedom from sin and an enjoy an everlasting eternity. In our final breath we can fly to Jesus as the song says.

            An invitation was offered. Closing Prayer was led by Dennis Adams at 6:50pm.

            Minutes by Ann Debnam, clerk

            There were 46 messengers and 25 visitors present at this 95th annual meeting of the Lamesa Association.