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January 10, 2019


January 10, 2019

 Meeting at Lamesa First Baptist Church


Moderator Dennis Adams called the meeting to order. He expressed our thanks to First Baptist for the delicious meal. Opening prayer was led by Garland Stueart.


The Minutes of the November Executive Board meeting were accepted as printed after a motion by Tommy Sanders and second by Corny Dyck.


The Finance Report was approved as printed after a motion by Tobey Clements and second by Travis Debnam.

The Disaster Trailer Ministry Report was given by Lyn Vogler. One propane tank was stolen from the disaster trailer. Lamesa Butane gave us a good price on a replacement tank and filled the tank with propane. Both propane tanks are now stored inside the trailer. Tommy Sanders will re-design a setting where the tanks are transported on the front of the trailer. We anticipate the trailer going to Arlington during spring break.

No Evangelism report was given.

The River Ministry Report was given by Evie Dyck.  559 shoe box gifts were delivered in December. Six turkeys and some deer meat for pastors on the border were taken in December along with 150 fruit and candy bags for children. Blankets and coats were delivered on the second trip to Fabens. Your prayers are greatly appreciated.

The Circle Six Camp report was given by Garland Stueart. Money is available to begin the 17,000 sq. ft. sports pavilion. The pavilion will be open on 3 sides. The RV park is upgrading to 50-amp electrical connections for campers on mission trailers. Future plans for the camp include a new cabin.

The Media Report was given by Travis Debnam. There have been 264 sessions with 234 users viewing 511 pages. 51% of the viewers were from the USA. 20 hits were from Syria. 13 hits were from Dallas. Crestview had 30 hits.

All reports were received as given after a motion by Garland Stueart and second by Lyn Vogler.


The March 14th Executive Board will be moved to March 21st because of spring break.

The Fifth Sunday Sing, March 31st, will be at Northside.


Closing prayer was led by Bob Archer.


Moderator, Dennis Adams

Clerk, Ann Debnam



Executive Board members present January 10, 2019 were:





Marvin Welborn

Bertha Fretwell

Visitor: Teresa Hale

Visitor: Gene Fretwell


First, Lamesa

Lyn Vogler

Visitor: John Bocko

Visitor: Lori Vogler



Dennis Adams

Bob and Margie Archer

Corny and Evie Dyck

Visitor: Kim Adams





Garland and Lila Stueart

Donna Burkett







Tobey Clements

Tommy and Connie Sanders

Travis and Ann Debnam

Jay Brock

Visitor: Helen Brock




Circle Six Ranch Baptist Camp