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January 11, 2018


January 11, 2018

 Meeting at First Baptist Church


The meeting was called to order and prayer led by moderator Dennis Adams.

Thanks were expressed to First Baptist deacons for the delicious fish dinner.


The Minutes of the October Annual meeting were received as printed after a motion by Tommy Sanders and second by Jim Rush. Minutes of the September Executive Board minutes were accepted as printed after a motion by Connie Sanders and second by Margie Archer. (The November executive board at Primera Baptist was canceled due to problem of water shortage in Lamesa.)


The Finance Report was approved as printed after a motion by Margie Archer and second by Connie Sanders.


The Disaster Relief Report was given by Lyn Vogler. December 9th yellow cap certification training was given to 7 people. They were Tobey and Jennifer Clements, Jim and Lana Medley, Travis Debnam, Denise Webb and James Carpenter.

                The shower trailer went to Refugia November 15th through December 17th. Garland Stueart and Jim Weeks took the trailer and Tommy and Connie Sanders brought it back.

                No trips are planned although there are still Texas Baptist weather disaster needs through March.


The Evangelism Report was given by Jim Medley. Future plans may be forthcoming for a joint effort with all our churches.


The River Ministry Report was given by Dennis Adams. A couple of trips have been made to the border with shoe box gifts and coats.


The Circle Six Camp Report was given by Dennis Adams. The annual meeting took place Jan. 8th. The camp is in good shape. Carpet is being placed in the chapel/auditorium. There were lots more people on the grounds last year.


The Media Report was given by Travis Debnam. In the last 28 days, the web has had 75 hits with page viewing of 189 pages. Most of the hits are on churches. 96% of the hits were from the USA as opposed to other countries having the most hits in the past.


Motion to receive all reports was made by Margie Archer and seconded by Travis Debnam, carried.


Closing prayer by Tobey Clements.


Moderator, Dennis Adams

Clerk, Ann Debnam


 Executive Board members present January 11, 2018 were:






First, Lamesa

Jim Medley

Lyn Vogler

Visitor: Larry Walker

Visitor: Lana Medley



Dennis Adams

Bob & Margie Archer







Jim Rush





Tobey Clements

Travis & Ann Debnam

Tommy & Connie Sanders