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March 10, 2016


March 10, 2016, meeting at Friendship Baptist Church


            The meeting was called to order by Moderator Dennis Adams. Opening prayer was led by Dee Woolam.

            Appreciation was expressed to Friendship cooks for the fine steak and baked potato meal.


            The Minutes were approved as printed after a motion by Jim Weeks and a second by Margie Archer.


            The Finance Report was approved as printed after a motion by Margie Archer and second by Corny Dyck. A $1600 disbursement to Hillcrest was for a water filter unit for the Disaster Trailer. Another $1000 was donated for this project.


            The Disaster Relief Report was given by Lyn Vogler. The water certification training on February 20th at Friendship Baptist had 22 present. 7 were present after lunch for Yellow Cap Recertification which will last for 5 years. Another training is planned for later in the year either in the Midland-Odessa area or at Friendship Baptist Church. Jim Weeks and Joe Raines leave March 11th to take the shower trailer to Arlington where it will be used until March 25th. Sometime in April there will be a demonstration of setting up the trailer, connecting hoses, drains and using the water heater.


            No Evangelism Report. Charles Empey is on his way home from a friend’s funeral in Illinois.


            The River Ministry Report was given by Carolyn Hogg. Part of the 491 Lamesa Association shoe box Christmas gifts were provided by Pat Githens’ Lubbock church, by Jody O’Bryant’s New Mexico church and a teacher friend in Lubbock from Midway, Lamesa. Fruit/candy bags for orphanages, food and warm clothing for pastors and residents were delivered to the border ministry in both December and January by the Hoggs, the Dycks and Wiebes.


            Circle Six Camp Report. Texas Baptist Men camp builders are at camp this week. Work is beginning on a new dorm. The Adult Rally April 25th will have a new auctioneer, Cheyenne Montgomery. All money received at the Adult Rally goes to the building program.


            The Media Report was given by Travis Debnam. Our web site received 102 hits with 96 from the USA and only 6 from foreign countries. They looked at 408 pages. 16 hits were from Lamesa and 12 hits from Dallas. Crestview received the most local hits with 12 hits.


            Motion to accept all reports was made by Garland Stueart, seconded by Dee Woolam. Motion passed.

           Closing prayer by Dennis Adams. (Numerous prayer request were mentioned.)

Minutes by Ann Debnam.


Executive Board members present March 10, 2016 were:




Marvin Welborn



Dennis Adams

E. L. & Carolyn Hogg

Bob & Margie Archer

Corny & Evie Dyck

Visitor: Kim Adams

Visitor: John Wiebe


Lyn Vogler




Garland & Lila Stueart



Dee Woolam

Keith Carter

Jim Weeks



Ronnie & Connie Land

Travis & Ann Debnam