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November 8, 2018


November 8, 2018

 Meeting at Primera Baptist Church



Moderator Dennis Adams called the meeting to order. Thanks to Primera for the delicious meal was expressed. Opening prayer was led by Tobey Clements.


The Minutes of the September Executive Board meeting were accepted as printed after a motion by Tommy Sanders and second by Margie Archer.


The Finance Report was approved as printed after a motion by Margie Archer and second by Garland Stueart.

No Disaster Ministry report.

No Evangelism report was given.

The River Ministry Report was given by Carolyn Hogg.  November 10th is the deadline to turn in shoe box gifts for the River Ministry trip November 16th. We are praying for 700 boxes. The Christmas trip is set for December 7-8 and items are needed by November 28th. Staple goods, turkeys and food will be delivered to pastors along the border. The river ministry trailer is receiving repairs in preparation for the December trip.

The Circle Six Camp report was given by Brian Colbath. The Adult Rally October 29th brought in nearly $6,000. Plans for the 17,000 square foot sports pavilion needs only $16,000 more dollars to reach the goal of having the building paid for before construction begins. A church in the camp area may finish the fund so construction may start in January.

The Media Report was given by Travis Debnam. In the last 60 days there have been 220 users with 261 hits of 732 pages. 82% of the hits come from the USA with 18% of the hits from Iraq. Crestview with 34 hits still hold the record for the most hits on associational churches. 

Motion to receive all reports as given carried after a motion by Margie Archer and seconded by Connie Sanders.

Prayer request were made for Chuck Stewart who is facing surgery, for Connie and Tommy Sanders and Carolyn Hogg. Closing prayer was led by Dennis Adams.


Moderator, Dennis Adams

Clerk, Ann Debnam



Executive Board members present November 8, 2018 were:





Chuck Stewart

Marvin Welborn

Bertha Fretwell

Visitor: Anita Stewart

Visitor: Teresa Hale

Visitor: Gene Fretwell


First, Lamesa



Dennis Adams

Bob and Margie Archer

Visitors: E. L and Carolyn Hogg

Visitor: Kim Adams





Garland Stueart

Donna Burkett





Mary Garza

Visitor: Dora Gamez

Visitor: Frances Martinez

Visitor: Rosa Gonzales



Tobey Clements

Tommy and Connie Sanders

Travis and Ann Debnam




Circle Six Ranch Baptist Camp

Brian Colbath