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Disaster Report Sept. 14, 2017

Disaster Report
Garland Stueart
Sept.  14,  2017

As of today, the Disaster Trailer is on Standby. (Meaning, it is ready to deploy).
The Truck had been giving us problems and we could not figure it out.
Took it to a mechanic in Midland, who discovered the problem and fixed it.

The cost was $900.00. (We have received gifts of almost 1750.00 for repair).
The number 5 injector was bad and had to be replaced.
The Trailer after having a long and rough Summer was in need
of several repairs. Parts cost approx. $150.00. Labor cost a Meal at DQ.
Trailer repairs were done by Garland, Tommie, E.L., Connie, Carolyn, Jenifer, Rudy, Lila, and Dalton.
The Trailer was later loaded for deployment, thanks to Jim, E. L., Garland, Dustin, Corey, and Matthew.
Garland attended a Trainer Training in Dallas this week for Trainer certification.
Jim Weeks and David Bolton traveled to Houston and manned the Midland/Odessa Shower Trailer for a week.
It is possible that we will be called out some time next week.
At this time we have only four that have committed to deploying.

Garland and Jim, Lyn and Lori (week of Sep 23 -30).
Hopefully, there will be a local YC Training in October in our area. (Lamesa or Big Spring).

There is suppose to be one in O Donnell in Oct., but it is not on the TBM schedule yet.
Everyone wishing to be certified as a YC will need to email Garland at

for a link to create a profile on the TBM website so that you will be able to register for a YC Certification.
At this time it cost $20.00 to register which includes your background check.

When you register you will be sent a Confirmation Number that you will need to take the class.
After January 1, 2018, the cost will be $40.00.
Volunteers completing Yellow Cap orientation, the fee includes the background check,
badge and lanyard and one Yellow Cap.

We really need volunteers that will deploy. We will offer training in the set-up and manning the Shower/Laundry Trailer.

We will also cross train those who wish to deploy with other units (Feeding - Mud Out - Chain Saw - Box/Tape - Child Care).