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Yellow Cap Training

Target Audience:  New Yellow Cap Volunteers or Re-certification.

 Description: Required orientation for all new volunteers to become involved in TBM Disaster Relief ministry for 18 years and older.

 **Background check is a requirement for all NEW Yellow Cap volunteers (18 years and older), and for renewal of Yellow Cap ID badge. 

(Renewal is every 5 years).  Youth ages 16 & 17 years are not required to do a background check.


PLEASE READ -   Registration has 3 steps:


1.  Payment: Go to Sign Up below to register for the YC training class.


2.   At the end of your registration, you will be given a Confirmation #, write this number down or print (or take a picture), and take it with you to class, you will need it!  If you forget to print it, you will also receive an email with this information, so look for it in your  email from Texas Baptist Men.

IMPORTANT:  Receiving a confirmation # does NOT mean you have finished the process.

You must finish step 3, to be ready to attend class.

(Youth, 16-17 yrs., don't need to finish step 3).

3.   Last step is to fill out and complete your background check application.* Click this link after you've registered and received your confirmation #:

Background Check Online Application*

DON'T FORGET step, 3, click on the above link to fill out your background check application!*

Pre Registration is Required. You must register online in order to attend the training!


Click HERE to Register

December 9, 2017

Event Time: 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

First Baptist Church
801 S. 1st St
Lamesa, Texas  79331

Trainer: Garland Stueart

Target Audience: Volunteers interested in Texas Baptist Men (TBM) Disaster Relief ministries.

Description: Introduction and Overview of the Texas Baptist Men Disaster Relief Ministries including the mission statement, history and brief overview of additional ministry opportunities within TBM. This is a required orientation for all new Disaster Relief Volunteers and current volunteers whose credentials have expired. This course is a pre-requisite for all other specialty training. Credentials received through this training are necessary for entry into disaster areas and are good for five years. Training is also open to youth ages 16 & 17 years old. A $20.00 fee for the background check is required and collected during the registration process for 18 years and older. Youth are not required to do a background check so no fee is collected, however, they must register online to attend class. Registration online is required by everyone! 

Contact Person: Garland Stueart
Primary Telephone: (214) 449-6721
Contact Email: