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The days continue to pass very quickly and the time for the River Ministry VBS will soon be here!  The trip this year will be July 14th-21st.  We will again help with 2 VBS in Texas and take supplies to help with 4 VBS in Mexico.  The Mexico Pastors come to pick up those supplies so they can reach more children and adults with the LOVE of JESUS!  We know that God has a plan for VBS and we trust HIM to provide all the resources needed.  We serve a Faithful God and we ask that you join us in faithfully praying for River Ministry and the Vacation Bible Schools.  We know that prayer is the most important and basic need of River Ministry before during and after the week in July.  God hears prayers and answers!!  Your Prayer Support makes it possible for us to accomplish what God has called us to do!

We will need supplies and funds so we have included a list of some items needed for VBS.  Help with craft preparations is always greatly appreciated.  Funds are needed to purchase supplies not donated and fuel.  One opportunity to give is through providing a scholarship to pay the registration fee of $100.00 for someone who wants to go but is unable to afford the registration fee.  This fee includes the dorm fees for the week and meals from Sunday breakfast to the following Saturday breakfast.  There is an additional charge for those staying in the motel.  A scholarship is a double Blessing - Blessing the one who gives it AND the one it assists!  Desserts to help with meals in the dorm and on Friday meals at the churches are another great Blessing!  Any dessert that freezes well & keeps well and travels well is much appreciated!  We also plan to take Health kits (cloth bags with toothpaste, toothbrush, soap washcloth, comb, and tract) are again needed this year.  We have tracts to furnish, if you want them just contact us.  Bibles in Spanish or English are always a necessity.

We will leave on Saturday July 14th and return on Saturday July 21st.  It is always a busy week but the blessings are greater than you can imagine.  God bonds everyone together as only he can during the week!  There are opportunities for VBS teachers, VBS helpers and help in other areas as needed.  We are Amazed each year how God chooses each person who goes and unites us for his purpose!  God always works in our lives as well as those attending VBS and you will return home a changed servant of the LORD!

As you pray for the trip, ask God how he would have you be involved.  If you feel led to give a monetary donation please send or bring it to 2216 S 6th St.  If you have questions, need more information about going or need items picked up, please call us at the numbers below.

We know God is planning a great week as we honor & Glorify HIM!  We can share what God is doing on the Border, but the only way to truly understand is to experience it yourself!  You are such an essential part of this ministry, we can never Thank you enough.  You continue to Bless us with your love, support, and encouragement so we're asking God to Bless you very Abundantly!


Supplies needed:

Empty glass coke or Fanta bottles, crayons, pencils, pens, Elmer’s glue, mod podge, flat buttons, empty vegetable cans, empty toilet paper or paper towel rolls, empty ketchup or salad dressing bottles, empty round breath mint containers.  If you have any of these supplies or wouldn't mind collecting them for us we would truly appreciate it!


Send or deliver donations to:                                      Corny & Evie Dyck

River Ministry                                                                    806-332-8871

2216 S. 6th                                                                           EL & Carolyn Hogg

Lamesa, TX 79331                                                             806-759-8252